Bovine, Porcine or Marine – Which Collagen is Best

It can be hard to work out what’s actually effective when it comes to collagen supplements – some claim collagen is just a glorified gelatin, others say it’s the youthful elixir that makes skin smoother and hair grow longer. Where do the most popular collagen peptides used in collagen supplements come from, and does it […]

INGENIOUS Summer Travel Story 

INGENIOUS capsules are the perfect summer holiday companion, offering travel-friendly convenience, robust UV protection, and additional hydration, ensuring skin health wherever you go.  They seamlessly fit into your travel essentials – whether it’s your bag or pill organiser, offering unmatched convenience. Compact and space-efficient, they outperform bulky containers of collagen powder or liquid sachets, ensuring […]

Collagen and Men’s Health: More Than Just a Beauty Supplement

We’re in the midst of a collagen boom. Your sister and your mum are swearing by the stuff, so is collagen good for men to be taking too?  The truth is, collagen peptides don’t discriminate – all the same benefits are available, not only for skin and hair care but also for building muscle mass, […]

Debunk the Top Collagen Myths 

collagen myths

Collagen has recently become a popular supplement for improving skin, hair, joint, and overall health. Yet, as its popularity has grown, so have myths and misconceptions.  Here, we debunk the most common myths about collagen supplements and explore the real science behind their impressive benefits.  MYTH 1:  Look for Type I Collagen for beauty benefits and […]

Understanding the Battle: Antioxidants and ageing

Anitoxidents Skin

No-one wants to age prematurely. But what causes this phenomenon and how can we guard against it? Scientists widely agree that the main culprit for premature ageing is something called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). These are the sneaky molecules triggering oxidative stress, and excessive ROS production (often fuelled by lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol […]

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

We want you to experience your very best skin, hair and nails so we have introduced three Building Beautiful Skin subscription programmes to suit you and your needs.  Our new, no-strings-attached pricing structure applies to your favourite INGENIOUS supplements: Beauty, Active and Vegan, and allows you to receive the best results with the best savings. […]

Astaxanthin: The Sun Protection Supplement


Holiday booked. Sun cream stocked. Swimsuit chosen. But have you taken your astaxanthin? Of course, you have, it’s one the core ingredients found in each of our Ingenious supplements. 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, and one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered, we were always going to put this powerhouse in our supplements. […]

Collagen for Joint Health

Your joints need to work for you all of your life; and although some joints such as hips can be replaced, prevention as always is better than cure. Currently in the UK it is estimated that over 20 million people, nearly a third of the population, suffer with some form of musculoskeletal condition, such as […]

Get to the Root of Healthy Hair

Collagen and Hair

A question we are often asked is ‘Will taking Ingenious Beauty help my hair as well as my skin?’  Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy, thick, blonde, black or brown is determined by our parents; but the health and condition depend on more than the genetics we are born with. Did you know that your […]

Everything you need to know about collagen and the Menopause

Menopause is a natural part of being a woman and marks the end of the menstrual cycle. It can affect each one of us differently both physically and emotionally.  During this stage, ovaries stop releasing eggs and making the hormone oestrogen – which may be a relief for some. The typical age for experiencing menopause is 51 […]