Our mission was simple: to create the most effective collagen supplement on the market that was good for both you and the planet

An Ingenious Truth

We believe that good science needs integrity to become great science. To become great, we therefore consider in all our processes: sustainability, responsibility, and wellbeing. Our Ingenious packaging is fully recyclable and uses as little plastic as possible, while our recyclable eco-pouches encourage good habits and minimise our carbon footprint.

Our protected collagen is sourced from the skin of free-swimming Tilapia fish. All our natural astaxanthin is from micro-algae sourced exclusively from a pristine archipelago in Sweden. Our supplements are as pure as they are potent. We have no additives, fillers, binding agents, flow agents, preservatives or any other anti-nutrient. As a result, our capsules are hand-filled in small batches as we will not compromise on our ethos to ensure you are putting only the best and most effective actives inside your body.

Our new-generation collagen supplements use patented technology to ensure maximum absorption of the finest, most sustainably sourced, bio-available ingredients: marine collagen peptides, natural astaxanthin and the latest innovation in multi-molecular hyaluronic acid which is 20 per cent more effective than standard HA.

At Ingenious we believe in combining science and sustainability for the wellbeing of our customers and the planet.

100% Recyclable

Sustainably Sourced

in the UK





David Hyland CEng MSc MBA

Founder and Head of Product Development

A business systems consultant specialising in Pharmaceutical R&D, David’s Ingenious journey began with a paper in the Harvard Medical Journal. This paper examined the effect of collagen peptides on arthritis, and as David’s wife was experiencing early signs of arthritis, David’s interest was piqued. He began research into collagen, creating an early  prototype. However, during initial trials it was found that in addition to helping joints, David’s prototype also resulted in glowing skin, reduced wrinkles, shiny hair and stronger nails. Although research on a supplement for joint conditions continued, the focus now moved to skincare. Having met Pupinder Ghatora some years earlier during a consultancy assignment, David and Pupinder created Colltec Laboratories in 2014; launching the Ingenious brand and their first product Ingenious Beauty. Read more about David Hyland’s story


Founder and CEO

An award-winning pharmacist who has been honoured at 10 Downing Street, Pupinder Ghatora’s interest in the body stems from his own journey. After building up a successful pharmacy, (winning Pharmacist of the Year and his business later being awarded Pharmacy of the Year) Pupinder was regularly invited to consult on large pharmaceutical projects. It was on one of these projects that Pupinder met David Hyland, where they bonded over their shared passion for human biochemistry and decided to collaborate. However, shortly after Pupinder and David Hyland began their Ingenious journey together, Pupinder suffered a potentially life-altering medical emergency. He was taking an early prototype of Ingenious Beauty at the time and credits the incredible power of collagen for speeding up his recovery. Read more about Pupinder Ghatora’s story.


Director of Science

An Industrial Pharmacist and a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Professor Martini divides his time between Industry and King’s College London where he is a Visiting Professor in Pharmaceutical Innovation, having held the Chair in Pharmaceutical Innovation at King’s for 5 years. Prior to his tenure in Academia, Professor Martini spent over 17 years at GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Roche Products Ltd. and Shire Pharmaceuticals, working in a variety of Technical, Commercial, Innovation based and Medical Affairs roles, directing groups in the US, Europe and Emerging Markets. Professor Martini is past Chair of the Industrial Pharmacists Group of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and past President of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group. In 2016, Professor Martini was appointed a Fellow of the European Industrial Pharmacists Group. Read more about Prof. Martini’s story.

Ingenious Beauty

Our hero supplement with the finest marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin clinically proven to strengthen skin

Ingenious Vegan

Using a revolutionary plant-based alternative to encourage collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the dermis

Ingenious Active

Our signature blend with added plant extracts, this significantly decreases muscle damage while increasing endurance by 20%