Refer a friend to earn €20 off your next subscription renewal. Each friend you refer will receive a welcome credit of €20, and you’ll receive a €20 store credit for every customer you bring us. This store credit is automatically deducted from your next subscription payment.

How it works


Log in to your INGENIOUS account* to access your unique referral code. If you are already logged in, your referral code will show on this page.
* You can create an account when you order.


Share your code with all your friends, who can then paste it into the checkout for their €20 discount to be applied.


When a friend makes a purchase, €20 is added to your account for use on your next subscription renewal.


Your questions answered

You can refer as many friends as you like if they are all new customers. You will accrue credit for every new customer you bring us. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer or the amount of credit you can accrue.

They input your unique referral code into the ‘coupon code’ box on the checkout page and click the ‘apply’ button. They will see that their discount has then been applied to their price.

Your store credit is added to your account once a legitimate referral purchase is approved. You can see your store credits online when you are logged into your Ingenious account.  (

Yes. If you have a subscription with us, any store credit you accrue from friend referrals will be automatically deducted from your next subscription renewal. If you accrue more store credit than your next renewal payment amount, your store credit will be rolled over.

Yes, if you do not use all your store credit on one purchase, it will be saved until the next time.

There are no time limits on your store credit


  • The ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme only works when a NEW customer places their own  order.
  • The delivery address of the new customer must be different from the referrer’s  address.
  • The billing address of the new customer cannot be the referrer’s address.
  • You can not use ‘Refer a Friend’ to buy a gift for a friend.

We are always happy to help. If your friend has questions, they can call +44 (0) 207 760 8858 or email

  • ‘Refer a Friend’ should not be used by members of your own household
  • Your code should only be shared with people you know
  • Store credit will only be applied when you bring us a new customer
  • You may share on your personal social media platform, but NOT on public websites

Rule infractions will invalidate any store credit.