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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

We want you to experience your very best skin, hair and nails so we have introduced three Building Beautiful Skin subscription programmes to suit you and your needs.  Our new, no-strings-attached pricing structure applies to your favourite INGENIOUS supplements: Beauty, Active and Vegan, and allows you to receive the best results with the best savings.

The latest skin trends promising instant results come and go, but as scientists, we prefer to face facts as we know there are no quick fixes when it comes to long-term skin health. Collagen and elastin degradation happens slowly over time and it can take several decades for signs of ageing to show on your skin. The biggest ‘collagen destroyers’ include the sun, environmental stressors, poor lifestyle choices including stress and poor diet, all of which play a huge part in how your skin stands the test of time. 

Our Building Beautiful Skin subscription programmes have been designed with your long-term skin health in mind, as we know that our supplements can take up to three months to work. The skin cycle is every six weeks, and this is where healthy new cells have not yet had a chance to mature and rise to the surface of your skin. 

We know that the best results will occur after two full skin cycles, approximately twelve weeks, and this is when you will begin to see the incredible difference INGENIOUS can make.


Spend Less

  • Building Beautiful Skin Starter Kit: from €110 (€1.83 / day)
  • Building Beautiful Skin Daily Essential: from €54 per month (€1.80 / day)
  • Building Beautiful Skin Daily Essential: from €153 every three months (€1.50 / day)

Zero Hassle

  • We’ll remember to send out your regular supply straight to your door so that you don’t have to

No Commitment

  • No Contract
  • No strings attached
  • Cancel or change at any time

Waste Less

  • Less packaging
  • Less transport

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