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Why protected collagen is 15x more effective

Protected collagen can be 15x more effective, allowing you to see the greatest benefits to your skin hair and nails. We look at how collagen is protected, and why it's so important.

Have you ever wondered what to look for in a collagen supplement? After all, there are a huge array of options out there – from powders to liquids, from bovine to marine – the choice is bewildering… but if you only remember one thing, it should be this: make sure the supplement you choose contains protected collagen!

You see collagen is a protein, so whenever you consume it in a supplement, no matter whether it is a liquid, powder, tablet or capsule, UNLESS THE COLLAGEN IS PROTECTED, when it reaches your stomach, it will be broken down into its component parts – individual amino acids. It is then not collagen that you absorb, but only amino acids. Your body has to attempt to rejoin these amino acids to make collagen, but (and here is the catch) the older you are, the harder it is for your body to do this. Either way – without protection, collagen supplementation is very inefficient and very wasteful.

When David Hyland and Pupinder Ghatora set out to create Ingenious Beauty, the ultimate collagen supplement, they decided to tackle this problem head-on. For a collagen supplement to be truly effective they realised the collagen would need to be protected as it passed through the stomach. If they could keep the collagen safe on its journey through the body and ensure it reached the small intestine, then (provided it was a low dalton weight collagen) the actual collagen peptide could be absorbed and not just amino acids. This means there would be NO WASTAGE and it would be a far more effective supplement. 

Eventually, after years of research and testing, they came up with the Ingenious capsule. It is this unique, patented minor miracle that turned the world of collagen completely upside down! 

You see the capsule is a vegetable cellulose which is designed to withstand the acid in the stomach. When you swallow the capsule it travels through the body intact, keeping all the ingredients inside safe and protected. It is only when the capsule reaches the small intestine that the change in PH levels there trigger the capsule to dissolve, releasing the ingredients so they can be fully absorbed by the body. 



Because of our patented capsule, Ingenious Beauty uses less collagen than other supplements. There is just 627mg in a daily dose, but because the collagen is protected it is far more effective. In a landmark independent clinical trial, Ingenious Beauty was proven to improve the skin in 98% of women tested, reducing wrinkles by up to 85%. These results exceed the early findings when people took 10g of unprotected collagen. 

You can see the amazing results in some of our clinically taken before and after photos:

More information on the clinical trial (and more before and after photos) can be found here. 

For people to match the Ingenious Beauty results they would have to take well over 10,000mg of collagen. In fact 627mg x 15 = 9,405mg, so we are actually being conservative with our statement of protected collagen being 15 x more effective. We could say it is 16 or 17 times more effective but the point is, our clinical trial proved conclusively that protected collagen gets better results.  

And the best part is that because protected collagen is more effective (so we need to use less) we can:

  • purchase the highest quality collagen possible 
  • add other ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin
  • use more environmentally friendly packaging
  • offer better value for money

So Ingenious Beauty is better for you skin, better for your wallet and better for the planet. 

*1  Clinical study 2008 A00654.51, Dermscan, France
*2  Clinical study, Cosderma, France, 2012

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