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Collagen Rules

The 3 Golden Rules of Collagen

Ingenious makes understanding collagen easy!

Everything we do at Ingenious is based on being honest and transparent. With proven science at the heart of our products, we want to help share the knowledge, so you feel inspired by facts instead of bamboozled by marketing fiction. With the collagen supplement space becoming increasingly crowded by brands making all sorts of claims and promises, we want to debunk the myths once and for all. Collagen is easy to understand when you know how it works, all you need to do is follow three golden rules:

1. Check the quality of the collagen  

The easiest way to truly understand the quality of the collagen you are taking is to know its Dalton weight. The rule is that the lower the Dalton weight, the better the collagen. Think of it like sugar. There are many types of sugar from the large, granulated stuff to the finest icing sugar. Collagen is just the same. 

The finest quality collagen has gone through a much more careful, extensive (and expensive) hydrolysation process. This creates the very finest collagen peptide possible which is 2,000 Daltons or below. Think of this like icing sugar. It is only this fine quality, low Dalton weight collagen peptide that can pass through the intestinal wall so the whole collagen peptide can be absorbed into the bloodstream. 

2. Collagen must be protected 

Collagen is protein. Whenever you consume a protein your stomach will break it down into its individual parts, turning it into amino acids. Amino acids are no longer collagen.

As we age, our body becomes less efficient at re-joining these amino acids back together. This makes normal collagen supplementation a very inefficient and inexact science until now!

Ingenious Beauty is the only collagen supplement that uses a patented delivery system to protect collagen from the action of the stomach. Simply put, our capsule keeps the collagen safe as it passes through the stomach, so it does not get broken down. 

3. Collagen alone is not enough

Collagen is amazing! It makes up 75% of our skin and exists everywhere in our body. However, when it comes to supplementation, collagen alone is not sufficient for serious skin rejuvenation.

In the body, collagen and hyaluronic acid are symbiotically linked. When one suffers, so does the other which is why you need them together.

Just like collagen, our levels of hyaluronic acid decline naturally with age. If you top up your collagen levels with a supplement but neglect your hyaluronic acid levels, it is like starting to build a house, but forgetting to buy any bricks. 

In addition, healthy skin also needs protection from free radicals and pollutants that attack the skin. This is where a good quality antioxidant is important. The most powerful antioxidant ever discovered is Astaxanthin, which is 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C.

So there you have it – when choosing a collagen supplement, just remember the 3 golden rules: QUALITY, PROTECTION & FORMULA. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The best supplements will also provide clinical evidence of how effective they are. Click here to read why clinical evidence is essential, and why you should beware of consumer surveys. 

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