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Nailed it!

Our top 10 tips for notoriously nice nails:

1 – Wear gloves

Simple and obvious, but often neglected. From washing up to going out in the frosty weather you should always protect your nails (and your hands for that matter). Nails are porous and will expand and contract with varying temperatures and varying moisture levels. This cycle on a continuous basis will result in cracking and weaker nails. The extra layer provided by gloves helps to keep the nails at a constant temperature and moisture.

2- Trim regularly

Like your hair, nails need to be trimmed regularly to keep them in best condition. It is worth trimming once every two weeks and then adjusting the time between trims depending on how your nails grow. Remember health is better than length, shorter stronger nails are always a better asset than long brittle ones.

3- File with style

When filing our nails, a common error is going back and forth with the coarsest nail file available. It is better to nurture than force a change. Use a minimum of 240 grade nail file and go in one direction only, try to avoid using a sawing action and go with the grain of the nail. It results in a better finish and aids healthy growth. Always keep a small nail file with you to deal with any rough edges as they appear so you do not end up catching them or making them worse as the day goes on.

4-Do not cut the cuticle, step away from the cuticle

The nail cuticle plays a key role in protecting your nail bed from bacteria. It forms a seal to allow your nail to grow out from the nail bed without the risk of something nasty getting in. If you are dead set on playing with the cuticles, only do so after a shower and use a clean wooden orange stick. Then ensure you massage in some cuticle cream or lotion to speed up the sealing process again. Using a cuticle oil twice daily morning and night is another excellent way to keep the cuticles in tip top condition.

5- Keep them clean

High level hand hygiene is a great way to keep your hands and nails looking great. Using a gentle soft nail brush to move the daily debris. This helps to remove any residual colour or acetone, both of which can dry the nails out.

6- Rely on what you apply

Always check the labels before applying anything to your nails (or any other part of your body to be honest) to ensure there are no nasty chemicals in the formulation. Examples are: toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate. Ensure you use a basecoat before applying any colour, this helps to prevent the nail from becoming stained and helps the colour applied to look for vibrant and less opaque. Finally finish off with a top coat, this adds a nice sheen and prevents the colour form chipping, so you can make the most of your manicure. Ideally a top coat applied every two to three days will keep your nails looking freshly finished for longer.

7- Wetter is better

The more moisture your nails have, the better condition they will be in. This is the same for your skin and your body overall. Hydration = healthy! A good nail oil and hand cream or lotion should be part of your daily beauty regime. This keeps the integrity of the nails high and mighty so even in the nude they will look awesome.

8-A little rest is best

Giving your nails a break from treatments and colours is another way to keep the end of your digits. Think of it like a holiday, time for rest and recuperation so you can come back refreshed and ready for action. The same goes for your nails, give them a holiday every now and then, a week of colour and then a weekend off is perfect, unless you have plans then fit a break in as you can.

9- You are what you eat

Having a balanced nutrient rich diet is going to help not just your nails, but your health overall. For your nails, a diet containing nuts, fish and beans can give your nails a boost and keep them growing strong and healthy.

10- Super Supplements

Like your skin and hair, your nails are made primarily of collagen and when your levels drop as you age this can lead to weak, brittle nails. Therefore taking a collagen supplement can considerably improve the strength and condition of your nails.

Ingenious Beauty contains a triple active formula of Marine Collage Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin to not only strengthen your nails, but to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and plump and moisturise your skin and improve the condition of your hair.

Are you wondering when you should start taking a collagen supplement? Don’t worry. The answer is in our blog here

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