Collagen and Men’s Health: More Than Just a Beauty Supplement

We’re in the midst of a collagen boom. Your sister and your mum are swearing by the stuff, so is collagen good for men to be taking too?  The truth is, collagen peptides don’t discriminate – all the same benefits are available, not only for skin and hair care but also for building muscle mass, […]

Collagen for Muscle Recovery

Tough workout session? Feeling sore and stiff? It could be due to depleting collagen levels which over time causes inflammation and muscle damage. If you’re looking to recover faster after your workout and up your fitness game, then supplementing with Ingenious Active can support muscle recovery whilst boosting strength and fitness. ‘Taking Ingenious Active has […]

Collagen for Joint Health

Your joints need to work for you all of your life; and although some joints such as hips can be replaced, prevention as always is better than cure. Currently in the UK it is estimated that over 20 million people, nearly a third of the population, suffer with some form of musculoskeletal condition, such as […]

Collagen and Exercise


COLLAGEN FOR THE WHOLE BODY Collagen has long been linked with beauty for improving the condition of skin, whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. However, we are now beginning to see collagen supplements used to enhance fitness and athletic performance. Collagen is, after all, the key component of structural support in our body; it comprises […]