What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered and belongs to the carotenoid group of molecules. It is an incredible 6,000 times stronger than the better known antioxidant vitamin C.

At Ingenious we source our Astaxanthin from natural freshwater microalgae. Astaxanthin is the main carotenoid pigment found in pink aquatic animals like salmon, and birds such as flamingos who feed upon the natural microalgae that produces Astaxanthin.

Why is it important?

Our bodies are under constant attack from free radicals produced by UV rays, pollution, stress, smoking, and poor nutrition. The damage caused by free radicals is a major cause of skin ageing which affects all layers of the skin, from the visible surface to the delicate deep layers where new skin is formed, destroying both collagen and hyaluronic acid.

As a powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin, is able to protect the body from these free radicals.  It also has potent anti-inflammatory effects and provides UV protection. In fact, its benefits are so amazing and so numerous we ensure that Astaxanthin is in every one of our supplements as a core ingredient. For more information on the potential benefits of Astaxanthin see our blog ‘Amazing Astaxanthin’.


As a powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin has been shown to have many benefits when taken as a supplement; from skin repair, reducing wrinkles, repairing joints, improving eye health and even aiding the brain.

A clinical trial undertaken (the natural Astaxanthin used in Ingenious supplements) revealed that taking 4mg of Astaxanthin significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin roughness and skin redness after six weeks.

Further clinical studies also reveal how taking supplemental Astaxanthin every day can help to improves eyesight, protects against types of ocular degeneration, and help combat screen-induced eye fatigue. You can find more information about this topic in our blog post by clicking here.

Lastly, Astaxanthin has been shown to exert a strong protective effect on the brain, and has also been used to help treat and prevent diseases such Parkinsons and Alzehimer’s. The human central nervous system (CNS) contains 100 billion neuronal cells and is vulnerable to oxidative stress and inflammation due to its low cellular renewal rate. Extensive studies have found that carotenoids such as Astaxanthin (with its ability to lower rates of inflammation and fight free radicals) can help to protect and preserve the CNS and enhance brain function.


Astaxanthin has been shown to have the miraculous ability to repair and protect your skin from UV damage at a cellular level. Astaxanthin is harvested from algae that actually release it when exposed to UV rays, it is their natural ‘sun-protection’. Harvested natural Astaxanthin has been shown to confer the same protection onto humans. Our bodies utilise Astaxanthin and, as a result of its unique molecular structure, it sits cross the cell membrane (cell wall). This has been shown to help repair and protect against UV rays. However, this does not mean we should not still use traditional sun protection when in sunlight.

An interesting fact is also that some animals that feed off the Astaxanthin creating algae such as prawns, crab, lobster, red salmon and flamingos derive their distinctive pink colouring from the red coloured Astaxanthin, but do not worry, you will not turn pink as a result of taking our Ingenious products!

Clinical Studies

Research has shown that a natural Astaxanthin supplement can help to:

  • Provide protection from Free Radical and UV damage
  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Shrink wrinkles
  • Make age spots lighter
  • Improve power and performance
  • Protect from eye degeneration
  • Aid muscle recovery and repair
  • Address the loss of muscle mass and function associated with ageing