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An Ingenious Innovation

A meeting of minds

Whilst working at Kings College London, Professor Martini met Pupinder Ghatora, (a Kings College alumni), at an event.

Pupinder was co-founder of Ingenious Beauty, a recently launched collagen supplement using an innovative delivery mechanism which protects the collagen as it travels through the body, thus ensuring revolutionary levels of collagen absorption.

As Professor of Pharmaceutical Innovation, Luigi Martini was intrigued by this new concept Pupinder described to him. Not one to ignore an interesting new idea, Professor Martini began his own investigations, examining the science behind Pupinder’s claims.

Collagen in the body

Collagen plays a crucial part in our body’s structure. It is the main component of our skin, hair and nails as well as our bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and organs. Many of the visible signs of ageing are down to our collagen levels, which reduce as we get older. Professor Martini recognised that if there was a new way to ensure that collagen in a supplement can be fully absorbed, (instead of suffering the significant levels of degradation that normally occur) this would truly be a game changer.

Professor Martini examined the claims and found them to make scientific sense. He was also attracted to Pupinder’s passion for the project and believed in the company values:

  • Only the highest possible ingredients will be used
  • Complete purity and transparency of product
  • No added fillers, binding agents, sweeteners or preservatives

Professor Martini was interested in becoming involved, especially when friends he knew tried the Ingenious Beauty and were effusive about its results.

Rewriting the rules

However, he was aware that Ingenious Beauty was breaking many of the established collagen rules. People believed that liquid collagen supplements were more effective than capsules or tablets. People also believed that a minimum amount of collagen, typically 5,000 to 10,000 mg was needed to make a difference to skin. 

Ingenious Beauty, (by protecting its collagen) breaks these rules. Because the collagen inside Ingenious Beauty is protected from degradation by the capsule, it all reaches the intestine, the site of maximum absorption. Therefore, Ingenious Beauty can use less collagen than other supplements but achieve superior results. However, Professor Martini knew that to convince people of this revolutionary concept it would need to be tested in the most rigorous method possible. He suggested to Pupinder and the other founder David Hyland that they commission a large independent clinical trial using the gold standard of methodology double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled.

The Clinical Trial 

This was carried out in late 2019 and proved that taking Ingenious Beauty makes a statistically significant improvement to the quality of skin in: 

  • wrinkle reduction
  • brightness
  • skin tone 
  • firmness.

You can see the clinical trial results here. Because of the trial, Professor Martini is now proud to put add his name to the Ingenious company as our Director of Science.

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