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Ingenious Beauty

Our hero supplement with the finest marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin clinically proven to strengthen skin

Ingenious Vegan

Using a revolutionary plant-based alternative to encourage collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis in the dermis

Ingenious Active

Our signature blend with added plant extracts, this significantly decreases muscle damage while increasing endurance by 20%


Building Beautiful Skin

We know it’s a minefield of choice out there. Endless collagen supplement brands are over-promising and under-delivering; you don’t know who to trust as nothing seems to really work. As scientists, we know most products won’t reach your skin, hair and nails having not survived the hostile journey from your stomach to your small intestine. A confusing industry based on little more than hope in a plastic sachet.

We understand the science that makes a collagen supplement work and we understand your skin. We know our clever collagen capsules can strengthen and transform your skin with time and commitment; patience and consistency are essential to producing the very best results.

To give your skin a chance to experience maximum results, you need to allow at least two full skin cycles to occur (approximately twelve weeks), this allows healthy new skin cells to mature and rise to the surface of the skin. If you miss a dose, take less than the recommended daily dose or interrupt the cycle by skipping a few days, it will take longer to see noticeable and optimal results.

Our Building Beautiful Skin subscription plans have been designed with long-term skin rejuvenation in mind as we know any effective supplement takes time to work. No contract. No strings attached. No commitment. Cancel or change at any time. 

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Ingenious in Conversation

Our Breakthrough Story

Journalist Andrea Catherwood talks to award-winning pharmacist Pupinder Ghatora, MPharm, MRPharmS, SCS, and David Hyland, MSc MBA’s, about our breakthrough research.

This is our patented scientific technology brought to life in conversation. How did our work into understanding how the body ages lead to a pioneering collagen supplement? Why is our Ingenious Beauty collagen supplement better absorbed by the body and how does it really boost our skin, hair and nails?

It’s Ingenious, its science. Here we answer it all.

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